"La Catalane" wine cellar in Saint Laurent de la Salanque


7, rue Gabriel Péri

66250 Saint Laurent de la Salanque

Tél: 06 12 10 97 68

E-mail: damien.debesombes@gmail.com

wine cellar La Catalane, domaine de Besombes

In 1823, Justin de Besombes opened a store in Paris at 17 Passage Lathuile, soon to be followed by stores in Paris, Toulouse, Besançon and Saint Laurent de la Salanque.

In 1901, the "Catalane" trademark was registred to protect the specific character of Roussillon wines.

One store still exist today, in Saint Laurent. He have kept it spirit of yesteryear and old charm inherent in the wine trade, with great wines that have won awards and "grands crus" from Rivesaltes, Muscats and Côtes du Roussillon.

Loyal customers and wine enthusiasts meet, seeking to discover new vintages. 

Their aromas and memories draw visitors into a warm atmosphere. Discover retail wine selling, which is a true ecological experience, environmentaly friendly, with a hint of nobility.

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