Domaine de Besombes: Organic vineyard

Southern France vineyard, organic, domaine de Besombes

The Domaine de Besombes results from the selection of 50 hectares of the best land, parcels and grape varieties of three lands.

Damien de Besombes Singla has converted part of the vineyard into organic wine.

A passion for these land on which he leaves his own traces.

A great believer in " the right grape in the right place", he found the ideal site where each variety can express its fullness.

La Vallée de l'Agly : Le Mas Saint Michel

Vallée de l'Agly - Mas Saint Michel

In the Agly valley, near the Corbières, the Mas Saint Michel vineyard surrounds homes, wineries and maturing cellar.

Lulled by the song of cicadas and the wind pining in the stone pines, the Mas contempates the slow maturation of Muscats d'Alexandrie, Muscats Petits Grains, Grenache and Syrah. In this majestic setting with the ocher tones of the Mediterranean "Terra Rosa", stony limestone and clay shale soils blend together.

Since 1785, a chapel dedicated to the Archangel who protects this region, watches over this 15 ha vineyard.

Partly dug into the limestone bastion, the winery and the semi underground cellar provide consistent temperature for the vinification room and oak barrels  where selected wines are created, mature and age. 

This is where Natural Sweet Wines like the Muscat, Rivesaltes Ambré and Grenat are vinified and age.

Les Aspres : Le Mas d'en Alby

Domaine de Besombes

In the Aspres, near Camelas, in the Mount Canigou's shadow, the Mas d'en Alby is located in a verdant decor that contrasts with the light-colored land, stemming from shale, white clay and limestone.

Here there are 11 ha of vineyards with limited yields specific to the AOC Côtes du Roussillon.

The Grenache and Syrah make very fine organic wines.

La Plaine du Roussillon: Saint Laurent de la Salanque

Damien de Besombes Singla

In the plain of Roussillon, close to Saint Laurent de la Salanque, a vineyard covering 15 ha, nestled between the Mediterranean coast and the Agly's shores, flourishes on a loam and silty clay soil. This is where the Vins de Pays des Côtes Catalanes comes to life, born of Cabernet, Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah and Muscat d'Alexandrie.