Domaine de Besombes: Family winery in Languedoc Roussillon

The Domaine's history merges with the Besombes Singla family saga, an old family that moved to Rivesaltes under Louis XV. The history of the estate since 1760 is documented. Three individuals have particularly marked:


In the XVIII° century, Joseph-Antoine-Tiburce, farm tax collector for the king, created the Domaine with his wife.

In the XIX°century, Justin-Jules-Ferdinand developped the estate and opened a wine and spirits store, in Paris.

In the XX°century, Amédée winemaker and judge, modernized it, completing the work of his ancestors.

Their entire lives where dedicated to the development and legacy of a secular estate.

It is in this spirit that Damien de Besombes Singla took over...


In tribute to his ancestors, his remarkable wines bear their names: Esprit, Justin, Amédée, Tiburce.

Domaine de Besombes video